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Brandy is derived from the Dutch word brandewijn (directly translated to mean “burnt wine”) and is made by distilling rudimentary fruit wine. All brandies are aged in wooden barrels and can be enhanced with colours and flavours, although not a preferred tactic amongst purist Brandy Masters.

In South Africa, Brandy and Coke is almost a rite of passage and with creative names such as Klippies-and-Cola (reference to Klipdrift Brandy), Karate Water, Polisie-Koffie, Dapper-Druppels, Oom Piet, Riekie-Louw-and-Coke (reference to Richelieu Brandy), Broke (short for Brannas and Coke) and many more, it’s arguably the country’s favourite drink.

In South Africa, the production and classification of Brandy is a highly regulated affair with specific legal requirements for Pot Still Brandy, Brandy and Vintage Brandy respectively. The best types of Brandies and Cognacs are held for decades to achieve incredible depth of flavour. If pirates were more content to operate on land, perhaps they would have traded their precious Rum for Brandy as the drink evokes sought after personality traits such as bravery and nimble combat skills…

Brandy is not so much made as it slowly evolves and grows; a live feat of man and nature working in unison. The 1st Principles’ range of Brandies patiently make their journey by winding their way through the hands of farmers, winemakers and distillers into oak barrels and undergo the expert touch of the Brandy Master before going into the bottle.

Organic grapes are grown in the Olifants River Valley and become organic wine at Stellar Organics, which in turn is distilled and barrel selected by Cobus Gelderblom and matured at Oude Molen. This dream team collaboration, as an expression of the art of brandy making, and offers the following types of Brandy:

  • Very Special: VS – A single cask, barrel strength brandy that spent at least three years in the barrel.
  • Very Special Old Pale: VSOP – A single cask, barrel strength brandy that spent at least five years in the barrel.
  • Single Barrel Brandy Unique barrels of brandy spared getting ruined in a blend. The single casks are cut with pure water to 40% abv – with nothing else added.

The 1st Principles’ Brandies all have a unique heritage and are artistically created for the enjoyment of the true Brandy connoisseur. It embodies an exciting diversity and best of all, has no water added to the blend – the noblest of spirits in its purest form as a distinctive expression of the art.